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A Brief Guide on Everything About LASIK Procedure for Eye Patients

Shortsightedness and farsightedness is usually solved with an eye surgery process called a LASIK procedure. This refers to a kind of reflective surgery that goes a long way in reshaping the cornea before it enables the entry of light for complete focus on the retina to improve your vision.

For both eyes, you can have a quick fix that lasts less than a quarter an hour in a pain-free process. Patients do not have to depend on glass or contact lenses for vision. The results for the procedure are evident after completion of the procedure. Furthermore, the vision improves with each passing day for the patient.

There are certain requirements a patient must fulfill to become a LASIK candidate. There are other vision correction surgeries you can opt for in case you do not fit the profile of a LASIK candidate.

How is the Procedure Done?
The procedure starts with the surgeon creates a thin flap into your cornea using a surgical tool. There is the flopping back of the created flap to give the surgeon complete access to your cornea. Using a laser, the surgeon removes some corneal tissues.

The removal of the microscopic tissues from the cornea is aided with the laser that contains ultra beam light. It goes a long way in reshaping entry of light. For improved vision, this goes a long way in shaping the retina in a manner it receives light.

The flattening of the cornea goes a long way in helping people who are suffering from nearsightedness. For farsighted people, the surgeon aims at steeping the cornea. The overlaying flap is placed back in position after the laser has completed its work to cover the area the corneal tissue were removed.

Prior to LASIK Procedure

The surgeon must test the healthiness of your eyes before starting the procedure using an eye exam. Refractive errors, pupil size and thickness of cornea are evaluated during the exam.

The doctor will proceed with asking about the general health history. You will be questioned of any medications you are under to determine whether you are a suited LASIK candidate. Your suitability as a LASIK candidate will be assessed depending on your recent medication. It is advisable to stop wearing contact lenses for some time before the procedure.

During the Procedure

The surgeon will numb your eyes to prevent any instance of discomfort during the procedure. You can be given various medications that help in keeping you relaxed. You will use a laser to check your eyes with the speculum holding your lids.

There is a tangent light directed into your eyes which you will look into. It will create some pressure for your eyes. The entire procedure lasts between ten minutes for both eyes.
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