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Communication is a necessary and unavoidable thing in the life of a human being. In the case of a business set up, within an office, there is a lot of communication that usually goes around through a variety of means, whether through an email, on the telephone from one office to the other, and in-person when the colleague employees talk. One of the most used means of communication is using the telephone. There are various advantages of using the telephone as a means of communication in the office. To begin with, you are able to get your message to the recipient fast and immediately provide them pick up the telephone. This will also benefit you as you will get any feedback that you could need almost immediately. Using the telephone also helps you to keep the message short, brief, and to the point. It also takes a short time to pick up a call or to call someone and finish with what you need. However, it can be very stressful when they are telephones ringing all around and many times for each information that needs to be passed around, as is it can take a lot of your time which can be used for working. Therefore this creates the need of having to have other means of communication. The email is also used many times in a business set up as a means of communication. You may have many emails coming in and trying to read them all and reply to them as they come in then you will not be effective in your work. You also need to set aside some minutes to hours to read and reply to all the emails therefore it is not as fast as using the telephone. Unlike the telephone, an email will keep for you a history of all the information passed in case you need to revisit.

In homes especially, for people with large size houses, the telephone is also installed to help with communication between the different rooms. The parents in the family could also decide to install a telephone system for the workers and the children that are at home to be able to contact the parents from home while they are at that work and vice versa. For the telephone and email systems to work, then a number of connections and cabling need to be done. There are various IT companies is that are able to do the installation for you. You could choose a system that is backed up in the cloud or a system based on the premises of the business. When the system is based in the cloud thing everything is backed up in the cloud and this saves you space. When the system is based on the premises of the business then you will have to look for a way of backing up, which will have an extra cost that may be even more expensive than having a back up in the cloud. Having the system installed on the cloud out on the premises of the business, both have advantages and disadvantages. There are different factors that you need to consider when choosing the IT company to do the installations for you.

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