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How to Find an Appropriate Storage Unit

When in need of extra storage space for your valuables, please take them to the storage unit. These are the things that prove the storage unit is suitable for you to hire.

The storage unit should be straightforward about their charges to avoid the burden of hidden charges. Analyze the agreement before signing to ascertain whether there are hidden charges or not. The storage unit should break down their charges for you to understand what you are paying for.

The storage unit should be installed with air conditioning systems to control temperatures and moisture in the air unit. High temperature and moisture levels damage items like documents, electronics, and furniture. High temperatures and humidity metallic furniture will rust, documents oxidize and electronics malfunction and wooden items like furniture will grow mold and decay. There should be enough drainage system and gutters to prevent water from getting into the unit.

The owners of the storage unit should offer liability insurance to the customers if the items are damaged or lost because of theft, fire, floods, and other risks. You will be able to trust the storage unit more when you are assured that in case of loss or any damage happens to your items the insurance company will compensate you.

Rent a storage unit from storage service providers who prioritize customer satisfaction through quality customer services. Online reviews, social media, family, friends, colleagues and so on will disclose to you the reputation of the storage unit.

They should have multiple communication channels like emails, phone calls, website and so on. You should be free to use any medium of communication to make inquiries, complain, follow up on the condition of your items and more and get feedback on time from the storage unit.

The storage unit should be located where you can access easily. Those who are busy over the week should be allowed to take their items during the weekend and holidays. A storage unit that has drive-ways that are graded allows small and large cars to pass freely as they pick or drop off items.

There should be pickup and delivery services at the storage unit. You will save the time of looking for transportation when the storage unit has its pickup and delivery services.

The safety of the storage unit should be your priority. Guard should be at the entry and exit of the storage unit to monitor people as they get in and out of the storage premise and to also monitor the alarm systems and the CCTV cameras. There should be enough sprinklers, fire extinguishers and other equipment to take care of emergencies.

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